I do not know if it’s an appreciation of me or it’s a fact, but I see more and more people training with circuits in the gyms. When I say circuits I mean training, almost always timed, in which different exercises are chained, one after another, until completing a lap. There are usually 5-6 exercises per lap, and there are several laps.

Unlike classic training of consecutive series of the same group, circuit training, requires a stronger cardiovascular capacity. Well the breaks are usually very brief, but on the contrary fatigue less the musculature, and causes less hypertrophy.

In short it is a good tool for moments of definition, but less effective to gain muscle mass. So far, it seems everyone agrees.

However when it comes to putting it into practice, circuits are a problem if you train in a room with more people, especially if it is at rush hour. The correct thing is to allow the rest of the users to use the machines while it is in another station of the circuit, and if it is necessary to wait a few seconds, nothing happens.

I say this because, when I spend the day in the gym, I have already seen some cases of people who are able to think that it can occupy 5 apparatuses at the same time … and the truth, it seems an aberration to me, having more people who wants to train.

I know that in this subject, as in many others referred to the rules of etiquette of the room, it is not easy to agree, but I am of those who think that it will not vary the final result of a training, by sharing a few seconds a machine. And the better you take with your fellow schedule, the easier the training is done.